Although it weighs just two grams, its flight capabilities are absolutely breathtaking. With up to 80 wing beats per second and a heart rate of 400-500 beats per minute, it lives a life in constant turbo mode.

In terms of body size, the colibri is the fastest animal in the world, reaching speeds of 400 body lengths per second during courtship flights – by comparison, modern jet fighters can only reach 150, generating G-forces that would knock out even the best pilots. The Colibri is also highly musical. There is no other bird that can chirp as high as it can.

In many cultures, the power animal colibri is regarded as a messenger of light, hope and love, which earned it the nickname “sun angel”. In Brazil, the colibri is named as the animal that “kisses the flowers” – we think a beautiful metaphor.

We were happy to be inspired by the lightness and speed of this friendly creature and named our new product family Colibri.



For over 30 years, Avantgarde Acoustic has been the market leader for high performance and exclusive high-end horn loudspeakers. As horn pioneers from the very beginning, our work has always been characterised by three principles: Highest performance combined with elaborate aesthetic standards and sophisticated German engineering.

Many people wish they could have such high-quality sound in their own homes. To make this dream come true for more music lovers, we – a small group of engineers, designers, and creative minds – have created the compact Colibri loudspeaker.

The Colibri is capable of truly remarkable performance – but it’s not the power that makes it possible. What makes it possible is its light weight. In nature – as in technology – it is the ratio of power to weight that determines performance.

It determines how fast a Colibri can fly from one flower to the next – and how long it can hover in space. It determines how fast a cyclist can climb a mountain, a sports car can reach 100 km/h or whether a rocket can reach Earth orbit. It affects every aspect of our lives – including the creation of sound and the quality of music reproduction.



Our goal in designing the Colibri was to create an ultra-high performance loudspeaker that delivers incredible performance in a small package, reproducing music with the lowest levels of distortion technologically possible. A compact speaker that combines audiophile sound quality and professional super performance, far outperforming even much larger speakers. With this in mind, we have developed a radically uncompromising concept that has never been seen before.

We have spent a great deal of time meticulously perfecting every detail. From the driver technology, the manufacturing tolerances to the design, the finishes and the diverse mounting and installation options. We have grown very fond of the Colibri over the years. We are very proud of a sound that is addictive, a performance that is incredible for its size and a design that has never been seen before.

We think: A dream speaker like no other.


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High End 2023 - Colibri C2 presentation



The Colibri C2 is a compact 2-way ultra high-performance loudspeaker system. It combines outstanding avantgarde sound quality with extreme efficiency and an incredible maximum sound pressure level (117dB).

The Colibri C2 is built to last. Timeless design, the finest materials and a focus on superior analogue precision engineering without the use of short-lived digital components make the Colibri C2 a timeless, enduring product. The Colibri’s analogue horn technology is already compatible with future improvements in digital progress.

Its compact size and multiple mounting options make it easy to integrate into even the smallest spaces. It can be placed directly on the integrated rubber pads or on a variety of stands and wall brackets. Horizontal or vertical orientation is possible. The integrated toothed rings allow precise tilt and height adjustment.

The speaker is available in three contrasting colour combinations to suit different living environments. The system can be further customised with optional finishes for horns and driver covers.

The Colibri C2 can be upgraded with one or more C18 super low bass modules. The C18 module can be mounted separately or as a unit with the Colibri C2 using an optional bracket.

The low 65 Hz cut-off frequency also makes the Colibri C2 compatible with virtually all commercially available external subwoofers.

With its compact dimensions and very high maximum SPL, the Colibri can be used in a variety of ways. As an elegant high-end speaker with outstanding resolution and dynamics for the discerning audiophile. As a sonic super alternative for stylish designer speakers. As a party speaker for indoor and outdoor use, where you can really let it rip. As the ultimate sound system for the world’s best home cinema systems. Or as a super-elegant and superior-sounding alternative to professional PA speakers for bars, restaurants, clubs or discos.



The ultra-high performance is based on the extremely low weight of the moving masses (voice coils and cones), the very strong drive of the 23,500 Gauss neodymium magnets, the optimised power transmission due to the extremely small 0.95 mm air gaps and the full-range horn concept with 1,800 cm² bass blades and the large 350 mm spherical horn.

The specifications on the following page provide a detailed overview of the relevant technological features of the system.


2-way full range horn speaker system 70-19.000 Hz
capacity 150 watt
system efficiency 98 dB
max. Sound level 117 dB
compact dimensions 66 x 33 x 30 cm
ultra light driver technology Mid/High 1.5 inch
ultra light driver technology Bass 6.5 inch
horn configuration Mid/High 350 mm spherical horn
horn configuration Bass 1.800 cm² bass blades
Crossover frequencies 70/700 Hz



Typically, high-end 3-way speakers have a large woofer that reproduces frequencies down to around 400 Hz, a midrange driver that covers the 400 Hz to 4,000 Hz frequency range and a tweeter above 4,000 Hz. With the Colibri, Avantgarde is breaking new ground in terms of sonic performance, going far beyond the capabilities of conventional loudspeakers.

From a technological point of view, we believe that the conventional approach of using only a large, heavy and therefore sluggish bass driver is wrong. Bass needs to be considered in a much more nuanced way. Low frequencies require a large cone with a long stroke to move large volumes of air. Dynamic mid-bass impulses, on the other hand, require a smaller, lighter, and therefore much faster driver.

To achieve the most dynamic and crisp bass, we deliberately avoid the lowest frequencies below 60 Hertz. In the Colibri C2, we use the small UL 6.5-inch bass driver in a twin configuration, which has an extremely low moving mass of only 12.5 grams, making it around 6 times lighter than conventional systems with a 10-inch or 12-inch driver (approx. 40 – 80 g).

With this combination of low mass, powerful motors, and the horn loading of the bass blades, the Colibri C2 achieves outstanding dynamics and speed, vastly superior to any conventional high-end speaker.



Normally, this type of 2-way loudspeaker uses a 1 inch tweeter from approx. 4,000 Hz. This means that the bass has to reproduce frequencies up to approx. 4,000 Hz. But it is not built for this and is much too sluggish. Important details in the music are lost.

For us, the mid/high range is the soul of any speaker. This is where most of the action is in music and where our ears are most sensitive.

We have taken an innovative new approach and designed the Colibri C2’s spherical horn with a very wide bandwidth to allow it to be used at the lowest possible frequencies. The UL1.5 driver has a 1.5-inch cone. This is large enough to reproduce frequencies down to 700 Hz. This is made possible by the large 350mm diameter spherical horn, which linearises the frequency response downwards.

On the other hand, the diaphragm of the UL1.5 is small enough. It transmits the highest frequencies up to 19,000 Hz with crystal clarity

The absolutely unique selling point of this combination is the incredibly low moving mass of 2.2 grams, which makes the driver extremely fast. There is no loudspeaker that can reproduce the range above 700 Hz with comparable efficiency so dynamically, without delay.

It is a dream of a lightweight that no one else can match.

SUB C18.


Low frequencies are very important to our sound perception. Adding accurate, deep bass tones greatly improves the realism of the reproduction, with a sound that engages the listener, adding weight, body, and musical authority.

But reproduction below 80 Hz has its own set of rules. Relatively speaking, these are “slow”, long-wavelength signals. For example, a 30 Hz tone has a wavelength of over 11 metres. Producing convincing low frequencies means moving a lot of air, which requires a large, long-stroke diaphragm and a powerful motor to produce realistic levels.

The diaphragm of the C18 low bass module has a very large diameter of 460 mm and is capable of +/- 10 mm displacement. This allows the driver to move a volume of air approximately nine times that of a comparable 8″ high-end woofer.

The very large diaphragm surface of the C18 displaces a large volume of air even at a small stroke and thus enables a very dynamic low bass reproduction down to the subsonic range. Since the air is compressed less than with smaller diaphragms due to their spring stiffness, the sound impression is much more physical and perceptible.

For compression-free dynamic reproduction even at very high levels, the driver has a 150 mm voice coil and a high power handling of 1,600 watts (AES2012 standard). This gigantic motor structure achieves outstanding values of power factor and power handling. At the same time, thermal compression is significantly reduced.

Because we cannot actually locate low-frequency sounds below 100 Hz, the C18 bass module can be placed anywhere in the room. We have kept the C18’s cabinet to a compact 70 litres and its depth to a deliberately slim 28cm, so it can easily be placed against a wall, in a corner of the room or hidden behind a sofa.

Internal braces stiffen and stabilise the cabinet. In addition, the front and rear baffles are rigidly connected by the solid metal frame of the 18″ driver. Three elastomer damping elements further reduce vibration in the cabinet structure.



The C18 super low bass module is powered by the C-AMP1200 power module. This integrated power amplifier consists of a 1,200 watt amplifier that provides ample headroom even with complex EQ settings.

Connection is via balanced or asymmetrical inputs. Any number of C18 modules can be connected to each other via the two balanced daisy-chain outputs.

The subwoofer can be automatically switched on remotely via a signal detection circuit. After listening to music, the subwoofer goes into sleep mode after a programmed period of time.

The bass amplifier features an advanced digital sound processor. This makes it easy to adjust the sound to suit individual preferences and to integrate the system seamlessly into a wide variety of rooms. Parameters can be set directly on the unit or via the intuitive Colibri Control software.

Expanding the Colibri C2 loudspeaker with the external C18 super-low bass module opens up a whole new dimension of sound. The air pressure in the room is directly modulated by the low frequency sound waves. We not only hear these changes in air pressure, but we can also physically feel them and experience them with our whole body. Everyone likely has had the experience of being immersed in music with all their senses in a dance club or live concert, literally floating on the sounds. The C18 Super Low Bass Module can reproduce this feeling at home, even at low volumes.

Speaking of which, in the presence of this deep bass, the music is subjectively louder and even more intense than it already is with the Colibri.



Heard it for the first time: confused, flabbergasted, overwhelmed? We don’t know what your reaction will be. But let us describe the sound effects and benefits of Colibri technology.


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Customer comments on the sound at High End 2023



The design of the Colibri follows lean and clearly understood design principles. Adherence to these principles ensures that the technology and functionality of all Avantgarde products serve their musical performance and emotional impact.


Diverse and versatile.

Every Colibri longs for a loving nest, a place where it can feel at home and be aesthetically integrated into its proud owner’s home.

To make it easier to find the right nest for the Colibri in your home, we have equipped the Colibri with a variety of optional mounting brackets, with the aim of creating a home that meets the highest sonic demands.

Its compact size and multiple mounting options make it easy to fit into even the smallest spaces.

It can be placed directly on the integrated rubber pads or on a variety of stands and wall brackets. Horizontal or vertical orientation is possible.

Built-in toothed rings allow precise tilt and height adjustment.

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