Horn technology

A technology as old as the world.

An audio-physical principle that amplifies sound without any electrical components.

A bionic principle that increases the efficiency of sound radiation more than 10 times.

Horn technology engineered by Avantgarde

The royal class in loudspeaker construction perfected in more than 30 years by Avantgarde.

Setting boundaries.
To overcome limits.

Instead of uncontrolled radiation in all directions, the sound waves are emitted into the room perfectly guided by a spherical funnel.

This significantly increases the efficiency of sound output and avoids interference caused by unwanted reflections of the sound from the room walls.

Less losses. More sound.

The moving parts of our loudspeakers are much more compact and much lighter.

The significant reduction in moments of inertia increases the sensitivity and responsiveness of the system. The diaphragm accelerates better and comes to rest faster.

The reduction in diaphragm area increases the mechanical stability of the assembly. This increased strength of the diaphragm significantly reduces distortion.

Surgical quality horns.

Precisely calculated in the micrometer accuracy, the horns are manufactured with the highest precision. Our casting tools are made of steel. For a perfection and series consistency that sets standards.

To avoid sound coloration, our horns are circular in shape. The sound waves thus propagate linearly from the circular diaphragm of the driver over the course of the horn and on into the room, completely free of diffraction or interference.

Scientifically proven.

We have subjected our horn speakers to the most exacting, independent scientific testing.

The results from the university laboratory tests even impressed the researcher:

8x greater dynamic range

This range from the softest sound to the loudest is 8 x greater with an Avantgarde speaker.

90% less distortion

Due to the horn principle and their original driver design Avantgarde speakers have the lowest distortion technologically achievable.

10x more resolution

At high volume as well as at quiet playback, the spherical wave horns are technologically the measure of all things and fully in their element. For even more goosebumps even in the quiet moments.