Listen & Love

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of our company – and we are still doing the same thing we did at the very beginning: we manufacture horn loudspeakers - only better and better.

In the mid-80s, Holger Fromme and Matthias Ruff joined forces to fulfill their dream - to build the best loudspeakers in the world.

From this vision of two idealists, one of the most renowned and innovative audio companies in the world was born.


What is the best sound?

For us, there can only be one answer:

Sound that is so realistic, so close to the original that it reaches out and envelops you, close enough to touch, powerful enough to touch you. Music should seduce and beguile, shock and occasionally stun.

It should be an experience to share and an experience to pass on to future generations.



We love what we do –
& want to inspire others to love it too.


We develop & use the most advanced technologies –
our products consistently break new ground.


We are not easily satisfied –
close enough is never good enough.


We don’t just build speakers to perform –
we build them to last: for decades!


We are our customers – if our products make us smile, we know you will too.

Handmade in Germany.

Our manufactory is based in the Odenwald region of Hessen, in Reichenbach, near Darmstadt – the home not only of our company founder, but also the birthplace of the best loudspeakers in the world. Here we carefully handcraft horn loudspeakers and amplifiers, products that we deliver to over 60 countries, all over the world.


Our claim for the G3 series is decades of listening pleasure, at the highest level and always technically up-to-date.

All components are designed for extreme loads and durability. Only the highest quality materials are used and assembled with the greatest care to create an exceptional loudspeaker. Every loudspeaker undergoes 32 tests and quality checks before it leaves our premises.


We have received numerous awards for our unique purist designs as well as the consistency of our brand values and identity, including the German Brand Award and the IF Design Award.

Our products regularly redefine the benchmark for measured performance, achieve “Best in Test” and glowing reviews from the most respected, experienced and influential audiophile reviewers and magazines. But most important of all, is the constant affirmation and positive feedback we receive from our customers, proof positive of the uniquely musical musical performance and unparalleled communicative capabilities of our loudspeakers.


Rod Stewart’s song “First cut is the deepest” sums it all up. The “first time” always remains unforgettable. Hence our brand claim – Listen & Love.

And to provide a perfect place for this first encounter of sound and love for you, we have created the Avantgarde Experience Centre in Lautertal, located  in the beautiful Odenwald.

Probably the best place in the world to experience the unique Avantgarde sound live for the very first time. All our loudspeakers are ready for demonstration and can be heard in direct comparison. Operated with classic voltage amplifiers or also via our switching console in direct comparison with the unique iTRONAA electronics. Let us surprise you, let us advise you competently. Arrange your personal listening appointment. Since we want to take the time you deserve, please confirm your appointment in advance. Our sound specialists look forward to your visit.

Our promise: you will not forget your experience with us.