Welcome to the world’s most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and by far the most extraordinary speaker system, the Trio.

The unique Trio.
Unique because its indescribable sound takes the listener straight to a place where the mundane is forgotten. World off. Music on.

The TRIO concept.


The Trio is a 3-way ultra high performance horn system. With an efficiency of 109dB/W/m, it is Avantgarde’s most powerful and therefore distortion-free loudspeaker.

In the G3 version of the TRIO, we have taken the bionic horn principle to the extreme. Powerful horn performance through unbridled efficiency across a huge frequency range.

Combined with the SpaceHorn – the latest evolution of our legendary BassHorn – for a unique and overwhelming sonic experience. Expandable with iTRON fully active modules, our patented Game Changer technology, where we directly control the acceleration of the diaphragms through a perfectly orchestrated current flow.

All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules. So you can easily expand or upgrade your system years down the line.


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Excellence reinvented.

With the G3 Series, we have taken the bionic horn principle to the extreme. Highly bred horn performance through unrestrained efficiency with a huge transmission range.

109 dB Efficiency

New Evolution driver generation for enhanced dynamics and purer sound.

200 mm - Supertweeter

Innovative XT3 tweeter with new long-throw horn and extended supertweeter frequency range with record-low distortion levels.

570 mm spherical wave midrange horn

The Evolution XM3 midrange driver’s Omega voice coil has an incredible impedance of 27 ohms. Extremely easy to drive, it delivers an unparalleled sound with more authority, less distortion, and a more precise response.

950 mm spherical wave bass horn

The spherical wave horn of the XL3 bass-mid unit has a diameter of 950mm, a length of 650mm and a horn throat opening of 100mm. That’s not just big, it’s unique.

Color worlds.

New elegant color and design options for an even more customized configuration of your dream speaker.

Coplanar alignment of the drivers.

In the G3 Series, all drivers are on one axis. This means that the acoustic centers are all on the same plane. The distance of the acoustic centers of the drivers to the listener are therefore always identical. Accordingly, the signals from the respective sources (tweeter, midrange and woofer) arrive at the same time and thus correctly.

Modular technology.

All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules. So that you can easily expand or upgrade your system even after many years.

Current amplifier.

Patented iTRON current fully active engine for perfect control of membrane vibrations and the ultimate sound.

NatureCap Super Capacitor.

NatureCap the new Avantgarde super capacitor with excellent specifications and incredibly delicate sound.

Horn Color
Each shade in our collection of 12 colors has been carefully selected by us to harmoniously integrate your horn speakers into your interior design and showcase the horns. There is something for every taste. Click through all the horn options here.

One speaker. Two versions.


The passive version is designed to be used with external hi-fi amplifiers.
With an efficiency of 109dB/W/m and an impedance of 27 ohms, the speaker is extremely easy to operate and ideal for low-power amplifiers. The ideal speaker for the world’s finest high-end amplifiers.


In the iTRON version, the amplifiers are built into the speaker, eliminating the need for external power amplifiers. To achieve this, we have developed an electronic system that is based on a fundamentally different operating principle to any of the conventional amplifiers on the market. We are the first manufacturer in the world to achieve what was previously thought to be an impossible technological feat. For a sound that is simply heavenly.

Modular technology for versatility & timelessness.

Each model has a replaceable technology module that connects to the loudspeaker via a multi-pin power connector. This makes it easy to upgrade the passive speaker with iTRON technology at a later date.

It can be upgraded to the most advanced digital technology available at the time, even after many years.

This ensures the sustainability of your investment for generations to come.

The style icon among super loudspeakers.

Extraordinary, unique, straightforward.

Even as a shadowy silhouette, instantly recognisable as TRIO.

And it has been for over 30 years.

Listen & Love

A speaker that communicates a clear brand promise through its appearance.

A speaker as visually stunning as its sound.

The cantilevered tweeter unit.

The frame of the tweeter unit is a flat aluminium profile with internal concealed cable routing. The 35-degree cantilever breaks up the vertical lines to create a progressive silhouette.

The smallest of the three spherical wave horns is thus emphasized in the visual perception.

Light, elegant and always functional.

The 35-degree angle of the cantilever arms, typical of the design, makes the speaker appear to float above the floor.

The actual adjustable feet, or optional spikes, are concealed beneath the foot frame. The special spike mount made of solid aluminium forms an extremely stable composite structure with the foot frame to prevent vibration and oscillation.

Coplanar alignment of the drivers.

In the TRIO, all the drivers are on the same axis. This means that the acoustic centres are all in the same plane. The distance between the acoustic centres of the drivers and the listener is therefore always the same.

The tweeter is mounted on a precision slide rail. The coplanar alignment can thus be precisely fine-tuned.

200mm tweeter horn
  • Low cut-off frequency with substantially increased acoustic power
  • Redesigned smaller and lighter membrane
  • Linear phase response less than 50 degrees deviation (4,000 - 20,000 Hz)
  • 28,000 Hz cut-off frequency

The perfect crossover.

With our spheric-dome diaphragm, AirGate technology and PolarizationPlus circuit, we have developed the most innovative technological concepts in our passive crossover.

These are completed with the highest quality components available. Our new NatureCap is an extremely complex capacitor, handmade in Germany. The electrodes are made from precision-rolled aluminium foil, rather than ultra-thin plastic film vaporized with aluminium. The dielectric is a cellulose fibre compound impregnated with organic oils. The NatureCap is approximately 25 times larger than the previous XD series capacitors and is securely mounted to the circuit board using specially manufactured brackets.


Frequency range 100-28,000 Hz
Power handling 150 Watt
Sensitivity (1 Watt/1 m) > 109 dB
Crossover frequencies 100/600/4,000 Hz
Nominal impedance 19 Ohm
Recommended amplifier power > 2 Watt
Recommended room size > 25 sqm
Coplanar driver alignment yes
OmegaDrive yes
AirGate yes
NatureCap incl. PolarizationPlus circuitry yes


PDF Documents
TRIO G3 Brochure
TRIO G3 Manual
TRIO G3 and SpaceHorns - TAS (2024, English)
TRIO G3 (iTRON) and SpaceHorns - Roy Gregory (2022, English)
TRIO G3 - Roy Gregory (2022, English)
TRIO G3 (passive) - Roy Gregory (2022, English)
TRIO G3 - AUDIO TEST (2022, German)
TRIO G3 and SpaceHorns - Hifi & Hometheater Audio (2022/03, Korean)
TRIO G3 and SpaceHorns - Hifi & Hometheater Audio (2022/04, Korean)
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