Avantgarde Sound

What do Avantgarde Acoustic loudspeakers sound like?

They sound like music: present and immediate – almost magical thrilling; dynamically live and three–dimensional; intimate and subtle; powerful and intense; gossamer, delicate and nuanced.

They can make walls tremble or lips quiver, they can bring you out in a sweat or bring tears to your eyes. And they can do it again, and again – and again. Our loudspeakers let you experience music is a uniquely different and direct way – just like the live event.

To fully realize this performance has taken years of dedicated research into clearly defined, fundamental principles.

We call them:
The Six Pillars of Avantgarde’s Sound Architecture.

HDR Extreme

For sound dynamics that excite.

An extreme dynamic range is about the speaker responding to jumps in level, delivering an auditory experience that mirrors what we hear in the real world. This allows us to experience both the most explosive sounds and the most delicate, the loud and the quiet.

With over 50 times the efficiency of conventional speakers, combined with an almost silent noise floor, we set a benchmark in terms of dynamic range.

Nano Tone

Up to ten times more details compared to normal boxes.

We have made the moving parts very responsive using our horn technology. Combined with the extreme magnets of the drivers, the speakers react instantaneously to the smallest signal changes.

Both at high volume and at quiet playback, our spherical horns are technologically the measure of all things.

Time Perfect

Music that arrives on time.

All three drivers are arranged to sit in a single plane and can be precisely adjusted when the system is angled in. This means that the distance between the acoustic centre of each driver and the listener is always identical.

Accordingly, the signals from the respective sources (tweeter, midrange and woofer) arrive at exactly the correct time.

True Space

Music that happens in the right place.

Sound waves are emitted into the room perfectly guided by the spherical funnels. The efficiency of sound generation is dramatically increased and interference from unwanted reflections on the room walls is minimized.

The sound is as impressively three-dimensional as if you were sitting live in the center of the front row, hearing exactly where each instrument is placed.

Custom Fit

Perfectly matching room & sound.

The subwoofers are always actively controlled via a digital circuit. This gives precise control of all critical parameters, with a precision and accuracy that cannot be achieved with analogue technology.

With Avantgarde, you can adjust the low frequencies relative to the rest of the range. Your ears, your bass, your party – bassta.

Natural Plus

Technical artifacts reduced to the absolute minimum.

Avantgarde loudspeakers have the lowest distortion technologically possible due to the horn principle and their original driver design. At the same time, the iTRON technology makes the control of the diaphragm movements much more precise than with conventional voltage amplifiers.

No artificial artefacts are added to or overlay the music. The technology disappears. The performance lives and breathes, independent of the loudspeakers. Music sounds natural and pure.



Rod Stewart’s song “First cut is the deepest” sums it all up. The “first time” always remains unforgettable. Hence our brand claim – Listen & Love.

And to provide a perfect place for this first encounter of sound and love for you, we have created the Avantgarde Experience Centre in Lautertal, located in the beautiful Odenwald.

Probably the best place in the world to experience the unique Avantgarde sound live for the very first time. All our loudspeakers are ready for demonstration and can be heard in direct comparison. Operated with classic voltage amplifiers or also via our switching console in direct comparison with the unique iTRONAA electronics. Let us surprise you, let us advise you competently. Arrange your personal listening appointment. Since we want to take the time you deserve, please confirm your appointment in advance. Our sound specialists look forward to your visit.

Our promise: you will not forget your experience with us.