Exciting Highlights from the first day at HIGH END Munich 2024

High End Munich started off strong for us in 2024.

After a few challenging days of setting up, the first day at the HIGH END began with a veritable firework display of activities and enthusiasm. Visitors filled the room, fascinated by the performance of the new MEZZO.

Holger Fromme was finally able to proudly accept the award for “Best Performance of the Year 2024″ for the TRIO G3 and the SpaceHorn, awarded by by the famous Taiwanese magazine Audio Art. Our esteemed Taiwanese distributors, Winkey Audio, presented it to him. 


At noon the video team of Hificlub South Korea eagerly captured Ralf Steinhilber and Armin Krauß explaining the MEZZO G3’s new functionalities and afterwards showcasing it with three select tracks.  

Our Australian distributor, MaxMedia, was able to visit u at our room and shared insights from the recent Australian Hi-Fi Show in Sydney, which took place in April 2024. 

At 3 pm, we held a small conference for the press to officially mark the market introduction of the new MEZZO and offer a glimpse into the future of Avantgarde Acoustic with the introduction of our innovative product, Colibri. The press eagerly absorbed details of these groundbreaking advancements. 

As the afternoon progressed, attention was turned to the Colibri, our newest offering designed to deliver an unparalleled sound experience to current and new audiences without compromising on quality, catering to a different budget and preferences. 

The first day at HIGH END 2024 was a resounding success, marked by innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for audio excellence. We look forward to what the subsequent days of the event will bring. 

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