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The DUO GT has been featured in image Hifi magazine and has been tested in a full review.

The author, Eric van Spelde, begins his report with a description of his own experiences with the predecessors of the DUO and their characteristics. “For at least the past 13 years, the DUO has had a lasting influence on the musical development of the author of these lines” ¹, reads the first line. His long experience with the DUO range makes him the ideal candidate to test our new DUO GT’s progress over the previous generation.

He also explains the new iTRON technology used in the active version of the speakers. In the second part of the review, he gives an in-depth look at the DUO GT, its features and innovations, and the listening experience: “Above all, there is a direct connection between these speakers and the music, with an immediacy and dynamism that is addictive.” ¹

You can read the full report in German here:


image Hifi Review German

Or buy the current issue of the German image Hifi, which contains the test report:




¹ translated from German

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