The new MEZZO captivates listeners in Lautertal

On April 5th the first MEZZO event for customers and prospects took place in the Avantgarde Acoustic showroom.

Last Friday, Avantgarde Acoustic opened the doors of its showroom for a special occasion. Over 40 guests had the opportunity to get a first impression of the new MEZZO G3. Following a warm welcome and an insightful company presentation by Managing Director Ralf Steinhilber, attendees enjoyed an hour-long listening session with the MEZZO. Sales Manager Babak Moayedpour curated a diverse selection of tracks to showcase the MEZZO’s remarkable capabilities and then invited guests to suggest their own music.

We were and are very impressed. I find the sound gigantic, stunning, larger than life.
Almost too much of a good thing, but fantastically good. The gilded horn is a feast for the eyes.

- Visitor of the MEZZO G3 presentation on 05.04.2024 (translated from German)

After the main program, visitors had the option to take an exclusive factory tour with Armin Krauss and gain a behind-the-scenes look at Avantgarde Acoustic, or to enjoy coffee, cake, and pizza while mingling with other Avantgarde enthusiasts.

The feedback from this event and about the MEZZO was overwhelmingly positive:

Thank you for the breathtaking presentation. I still have the unique, vivid, direct MEZZO sound in my ears today!

- Visitor of the MEZZO G3 presentation on 05.04.2024 (translated from German)

Avantgarde Acoustic extends heartfelt thanks to all guests for making this Friday so enjoyable and looks forward to hosting more such events in the future.

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