Driver Technology

A perfect horn needs the perfect drive

The most advanced horn drivers ever.

We have spent over five years refining, experimenting, improving, measuring and listening to the new G3 Evolution driver series. Horn and driver have been perfectly matched and merge in the Evolution Series to form a coherent unit of outstanding quality.

Significantly more power.

The column of air inside the horn puts more resistance to the driver’s vibration than speakers without a horn.

That’s why the new G3 generation drivers are the most powerful we’ve ever made.

Precision down to the smallest detail

Because the horn amplifies the sound extremely, distortions, i.e. the non-linearities of the driver, are also amplified accordingly.

All our efforts are therefore directed towards perfecting each individual driver.

Hard fact: our most stable membranes ever

With the counterpressure of the air column in the horn on the one hand and the extreme power development of the magnetic drive on the other, enormous forces act on the moving parts of the drive.

The TripleLayer Compound diaphragms with their rear and front anti-resonance coatings of the stiff Kevlar core are extremely stable and have the best absorption values in their class.

Spherical horns deserve spherical membranes.

The perfect irradiation of the sound waves is of crucial importance for the sound.

The spherical-dome geometry of the diaphragm of our drivers is precisely matched to the corresponding horn. The phase-coherent sound pressure curve within the horn is thus guaranteed.

The air as a filter

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious.

AirGate is an innovative air-based filter technology from Avantgarde that filters high-frequency distortions of the system and reduces them fourfold. Distortions simply vanish into thin air.

27 Ohm.

Probably a world record.

The higher the impedance of a loudspeaker, the higher the damping factor of the amplifier and thus the greater the control of the music signal. With up to 27 ohms of Omega voice coils, the sound has more authority, less distortion and a more precise response.

Robust as a rock.

The new SingleFrame G3 Series chassis have robust outriggers that also enclose the magnet. This creates a solid mechanical bond as a stable base for the moving components of the driver.

Linear Force Suspension.

When it comes to power, we are very pedantic.

Normally, the stiffness of the diaphragm clamping increases with the stroke the driver makes. This causes distortion. To avoid these non-linearities over the power, we use a special suspension that has a linear stiffness up to the maximum stroke and thus does not compress the dynamics.

As in life

It always comes down to the right timing.

We have significantly optimized the phase response of the drivers across their respective frequency ranges. All frequencies are emitted in the correct time. The three-dimensionality of a recording is reproduced more precisely.

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