HDR Extreme

For sound dynamics that inspire.

Extreme dynamic range is all about creating a listening experience that mirrors what we hear in the real world.

That is why we have taken the horn principle to the extreme. With more than 50 times the efficiency of conventional speakers and a sensationally low noise floor, we have set a new benchmark in dynamic performance.

Nano Tone

Up to ten times more detail than regular box speakers.

We were able to make the moving parts exceptionally responsive thanks to the horn technology. The speakers respond instantly to the slightest signal changes due to the extremely powerful magnet structure of the drivers.

Our spherical wave horns are the technological benchmark for both high volume and low listening volume.

Time Perfect

Every note at the right time.

All drivers are on the same acoustic plane or can be precisely adjusted when the system is toed-in. As a result, the distance between the acoustic centres of each driver and the listener is always the same.

Accordingly, the signals from each source (treble, midrange and woofer) arrive at the same time and are therefore coherent.

True Space

Every sound in the right place.

The sound waves are perfectly directed into the room by the spherical funnels. The efficiency of sound generation is dramatically increased and interference from unwanted reflections off the walls is drastically minimised.

The sound is so impressively three-dimensional that you feel you are sitting in the middle of the front row and can hear exactly where each instrument is located.

Custom Fit

Individual room & sound fitting.

Our subwoofers are always actively controlled by a digital circuit. This allows all parameters to be perfectly adjusted. With a precision and bit accuracy that cannot be achieved with analogue technology.

With Avantgarde, you can therefore adjust the low frequencies individually.

Your ears, your room, your bass – bassta.

Natural Plus

Technical artifacts reduced to the absolute minimum.

The horn principle gives us the lowest distortion that is technologically feasible. At the same time, the control of the diaphragm movements through the iTRON technology is much more precise than with conventional amplifiers.

No artificial artifacts overlay the music signal. The technology disappears. The sound detaches itself from the speaker. The music sounds natural and pure.

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