Horn Technology

The royal class in loudspeaker construction.

Over 30 years ago, we transformed a bionic principle of nature into a unique product portfolio using precise mathematical algorithms. Superior horn technology with the most precise spherical wave horns ever made.

Horn Technology

A technology that is as old as the world.

An audio-physical principle

which amplifies the sound without electrical components.

A bionic primal principle

which increases the efficiency of sound radiation more than tenfold.

Horn technology engineered by Avantgarde

The top class in loudspeaker construction perfected by Avantgarde in more than 30 years.

Setting boundaries to overcome limitations.

Instead of uncontrolled, spherical radiation in all directions, the sound waves are perfectly guided into the room by a spherical funnel.

Less losses. More sound.

This significantly increases the efficiency of sound generation and avoids interference from unwanted reflections of the sound on the room walls.

Surgical quality horns.

Precisely calculated in the micrometre range, the horns are manufactured with the highest precision. Our casting tools are made of steel. For an accuracy and series consistency that sets standards.

To avoid sound colouration, our horns are circular in shape. The sound waves thus propagate linearly from the circular diaphragm of the driver over the course of the horn in the room. There is no diffraction or interference of the sound waves within the horn.

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