Day 3 at HIGH END 2024: Innovative sounds and valuable discussions

Colibri and MEZZO also inspire regular visitors.

The third day of HIGH END 2024, which was the first day for the general public, offered a plethora of exciting moments and positive feedback. A few minutes before 10 a.m., visitors could hardly wait for the doors of the MOC to open. Shortly after the start, the Avantagarde Acoustic room filled up with many audio enthusiasts.

Having already received a lot of praise from trade visitors for the MEZZO over the last few days, audio enthusiasts were also raving about the spectacular sound of the MEZZO today: among other things, the intense bass was highly praised.

The HIGH END 2024 halls not only filled up quickly with visitors, but also with Avantgarde Acoustic bags, which helped interested parties to transport the brochures.

At lunchtime, some team members took part in the panel discussion “Where will the hi-fi business be in 10 years?”, hosted by the HIGH END Society. The interesting discussion addressed some current problems in the industry and tried to find a solution. The audience also participated actively and with great vigour. Although a final solution could not be agreed upon, it was an informative discussion. Avantagrde Acoustic aims to play a major role in shaping this issue and the future of the industry in the coming years.

We are looking forward to the last day of HIGH END 2024, when our competition will also enter its final round.

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