Current output for the perfect control of the sound

ITRON is a revolutionary electronic circuit from Avantgarde that, for the first time, perfectly controls the acceleration of the diaphragm, achieving an incredibly detailed, pristine and crystal clear sound.

Matthias Ruff

Progress is always a purely mental matter.

Question the established in order to discover the new.

In 2005, Matthias Ruff had the idea of developing electronics that would not simply amplify signals, but directly control the acceleration of a loudspeaker’s diaphragm. The vision of the perfect drive has not let him go.

The voice coil of a loudspeaker works with electricity.

But 99.9% of all amplifiers are voltage amplifiers. Surely that makes no sense?

The power of physics. Ohm's law.

Due to the laws of electrophysics, a voltage amplifier only functions correctly if the resistance of the loudspeaker is a constant. Only in this case the acceleration of the membrane corresponds exactly to the voltage value of the music signal.

However, the resistance of a loudspeaker is variable and changes constantly.

A voltage amplifier disregards this relationship. The result can therefore never be correct.

Voltage amplifier & loudspeaker simply do not fit together.

Take the perfect voltage amplifier and the perfect loudspeaker. And yet the two can never harmonize properly together.

The interfaces simply don’t fit together. And so distortions, temporal inaccuracies arise and the music loses purity.

The ideal amplifier provides power.

A precise current flow in the output of a current amplifier directly controls the acceleration of the membrane and thus the sound.

Independent of the fluctuating impedances of the speaker.

What makes the sound of a power amplifier so incomparable?

Better dynamics.

All impedance fluctuations of the speaker are perfectly compensated. The current output thus ensures an extremely dynamic acceleration of the membrane.

Music sounds as if unleashed. An incredible sound experience like a concert on steroids.

More details.

Especially at very low volumes and thus delicate electrical signals, the ITRON circuit is able to perfectly compensate for the negative inductance effects.

The sound is intoxicatingly vivid, detailed and luminous even with soft music.

Extended Tweeter.

ITRON has a tremendous high-frequency resolution, as the increasing reactance of the tweeter to high frequencies is perfectly compensated.

In combination with the new XT3 Supertweeter this means a fabulously delicate reproduction up to the highest frequencies without the otherwise system-conditioned level drop.

The most precise timing there is.

The diaphragm is always accelerated in the correct time. With ITRON, every sound detail comes at the right time.

Exactly to the thousandth of a second. All drivers perfectly synchronized, harmonious and without any temporal interference.

Extreme extended spatiality.

The impulse response of a loudspeaker is superior with ITRON. So even the smallest time differences in the music are reproduced crystal clear.

For an overwhelming 3-dimensional sound, as if you were sitting live in the middle of the front row.

As little distortion as technically possible.

There is no normal amplifier that sounds anywhere near as natural as ITRON.

No artificial artifacts of a voltage amplifier overlay the music signal. The technology disappears. The sounds detach from the speaker. The music sounds natural & pure.

ITRON the purest current to voltage converter ever.

The patent pending ITRON circuit is a balanced single-ended circuit without any negative feedback. In the output is a perfectly orchestrated current signal that precisely follows the voltage of the input.

Strictly speaking, therefore, it is not just a sophisticated amplifier, but a perfect voltage/current converter, for direct control of the diaphragm movement.

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